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Sign up and make money selling your images and prompts created by you with AI. An easy lifetime passive income forever.

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The process is very easy and simple, make money every time someone downloads your images and prompts.

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Users can browse and purchase your creativity that meet their specific needs. The more downloads you receive, the more income you will generate.

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Your images and prompts become a valuable asset that continue to generate revenue time over time. As more users discover you, your earnings will increase steadily.

Lifetime income

You can enter into a global market and earn a lifetime passive income.

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As a vendor, you will be your own boss. Work remotely, organize your time the way you want, and achieve a work-life balance. Plus, your effort and creativity will be rewarded financially. Every time a buyer uses one of your images and prompts, you will receive a commission on sales, giving you the opportunity to generate passive income and grow your income over time.

become a vendor

Why become a PromptsPool Vendor?

Opportunity for Innovation: Becoming an AI prompt vendor allows you to be at the forefront of technological innovation. AI is transforming numerous industries and has the potential to revolutionize how we work, learn, and communicate. As a vendor, you would have the opportunity to shape the development and application of AI by providing prompts that help train and guide AI models. This can be an exciting and intellectually stimulating field to work in, with ample room for creativity and exploration.

Market Demand and Growth: The demand for AI technologies and applications is growing rapidly across various sectors. Companies and organizations are increasingly relying on AI-powered systems to automate processes, analyze data, and make informed decisions. As an AI prompt vendor, you can tap into this expanding market and provide valuable resources to AI developers, researchers, and businesses. With the right skills and offerings, there is great potential for financial success and business growth.

Influence and Impact: By supplying prompts to AI models, you have the opportunity to shape the behavior and output of these systems. This influence can be leveraged to promote ethical and responsible AI practices. You can help ensure that AI models are trained on diverse and unbiased data, reducing the risk of perpetuating societal biases or negative outcomes. Being an AI prompt vendor allows you to contribute to the development of AI technology in a way that aligns with your values and principles, making a positive impact on the industry and society as a whole.

It's easy, with our intuitive dashboard!

The dashboard has been designed to make all essential information available to sellers in a clear and intuitive way. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and use all available features. With this dashboard, you'll have everything you need to effectively manage your sales activities and maximize your potential.

The dashboard offers an option for quick and easy entry of products. You can enter the details of new products directly from the dashboard, providing information such as name, description, the prompt used and the image, as well as indicating the category they belong to. This allows you to quickly update your product catalog and make them readily available for sale

The dashboard also presents a clear and well-organized list of all available seller products. You can view essential details such as the product name, the sales made and the ability to edit them. This allows you to have a complete overview of your inventory and easily manage products during your sales activities.

The dashboard provides a summary of earnings, showing crucial financial information for sellers. You can easily see total sales made, commissions earned, and other relevant metrics. This overview helps you track your sales performance and evaluate your success.

Questions? No problem, with our FAQs!

What can I sell on PromptsPool?

You can sell the images and prompts that you created, They must be your personal work. Upload the best generated images of your creativity. Don’t upload offensive content such as explicit images or any images protected by a trademark.

How can I become a vendor?

To become a vendor you must first sign up and wait for a confirmation. Once your account as a vendor has been confirmed you will be able to upload your images and prompts to your personal dashboard and start earning money.

How Can I list my Images and prompts

To list and start selling your images and prompts you need to create a new product for each image from your dashboard, entering the title, the image generated the prompt used, and a series of tags to make it easier to find it.

How much do I earn?

For each image and prompt sold you will receive a revenue share of 70% which is calculated based on the net amount for the transactions divided by the number of sales.

When will i get payed?

All the payments will be made once a month as long as the balance has reached $100.